What is it?

iTowns is a web framework written in Javascript/WebGL for the visualisation of 3D geographic data and precise 3D measurements. It supports a variety of data types, allowing, among other applications, the visualisation of street view images and terrestrial lidar point cloud.

itowns sample

Supported data types

  • Oriented images
  • Panoramic images
  • Point Clouds
  • 3D textured models
  • WFS Vector

iTowns Open Source V1 is the core of the original iTowns from the IGN (French geographical institute) Matis lab. This framework contains a set of features for 3D visualization.

Download v1.0 .zip file


  • Load and project Oriented Images on mesh (cube or city model)
  • Load and display Panoramic Images
  • Load Depth Panoramic Image and render in 3D
  • Load 2D multipolygons with height (building footprint) from WFS or local file
  • Triangulate 2D multipolygons to create building boxes (that can then be used for texture projection)
  • Navigate through Image Data using click and go functions
  • Load and display Point Cloud from PLY files.
  • Load and display 3D textured models (B3D, 3DS).
  • Simple API interface.

Sample data

You can test iTowns with a sample data set, courtesy of the IGN.
The sample data is here : https://github.com/iTowns/itowns-sample-data
It includes :

  • 250 Oriented Images (50 Panoramics, 192 MB)
  • 1 patch (500 * 500m) of 3D textured city models (BATI3D, 50 MB)
  • Terrestrial PointCloud (20 Millions point, 400 MB)
  • JSON of building footprints and DTM (500 kB)

Getting started

You have to clone the iTowns and sample data repositories and start a webserver to have a running demo.
Open a command line and run:

git clone -b gh-pages https://github.com/iTowns/itowns.git
git clone https://github.com/iTowns/itowns-sample-data.git
python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Now open http://localhost:8000/itowns-sample-data/ in a browser and enjoy!

Watch video of iTowns.

The following video shows iTowns in action.

iTowns - A webgl mapping application-HD from itowns.

Try it !

Demo itowns


iTowns is currently maintained by IGN and Oslandia

logo IGN logo Oslandia

You may consult the user and developper mailing lists.
You may also consult tickets for version 1.


iTowns is an original work of the IGN, MATIS research laboratory. It has been funded through various research programs involving the French National Research Agency, Cap Digital, UPMC, Mines ParisTec, CNRS, LCPC.

Thanks for your interest in the iTowns project.

Please get in touch if you want additionnal information.